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Physics of Medicine (POM) Access

Physics of Medicine (POM) Access

Anyone requiring access to the PoM will need to fill in the PoM User Form and send to BSS Admin ().

NanoDTC student (2-4th year only) and anyone else outside of the Department of Physics or the University will also need to provide BSS Admin () with the following

  1. current CV
  2. birthdate
  3. nationality

so that they can become a visitor.

The Department WILL NOT grant access to the POM until the person attends the Safety Meeting. Please look here for the next meeting and location.

After you have attended the safety meeting, a slip will be sent down from the Department to the BSS Group Administrator. The BSS Group Administrator will notify you of its arrival and you are to collect the slip from their office. This slip will then be taken along with your University of Cambridge ID and activated for the appropriate access level according to your status (for your information, undergraduates will NOT be granted out of hours access).

If you do not know which area that you require access to, please ask Lorenzo di Michele (soft matter & biochemistry work) or Fiona Morgan (biological work).