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Biological and Soft Systems





Key publications: 


Tivony, R.*; Fletcher, M.; Al Nahas, K.; & Keyser, U., A microfluidic platform for sequential assembly and separation of synthetic cell models. ACS Synthetic Biology 2021. 10.11: 3105-3116. (* Corresponding author).

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Tivony, R.; Yaakov, D. B.; Silbert, G.; Klein, J., Direct Observation of Confinement-Induced Charge Inversion at a Metal Surface. Langmuir 2015, 31, (47), 12845-12849.

Other publications: 


Tivony, R.; Zhang, Y.; & Klein, J., Modulating Interfacial Energy Dissipation via Potential-Controlled Ion Trapping. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021125(6), 3616-3622.

Weckman, N. E.; Ermann, N.; Gutierrez, R.; Chen, K.; Graham, J.; Tivony, R.; Heron, A.; and Keyser, U. F., Multiplexed DNA identification using site specific dCas9 barcodes and nanopore sensing. ACS sensors 2019, 4, no. 8: 2065-2072.

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Frusic-Zlotkin, M.; Soroka, Y.; Tivony, R.; Larush, L.; Verkhovsky, L.; Bregegere, F. M.; Neuman, R.; Magdassi, S.; Milner, Y., Penetration and biological effects of topically applied cyclosporin A nanoparticles in a human skin organ culture inflammatory model. Experimental Dermatology 2012, 21, (12), 938-43.

Marie-Curie fellow, Department of Physics
Postdoctoral Research Associate, St John’s college
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Biological synthesis of membrane models
Membrane transport
Surface interactions