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Biological and Soft Systems

bacterial colony

Cells and biological processes

From subcellular processes to populations, cells are fascinating and critical biological units. Physics can help understand their often complex behaviour, and can complement biological approaches. This often involves pushing known techniques to new limits, or inventing new ones. In addition, progress in understanding biology often requires new conceptual and quantitative frameworks.

Physics of bacteria and algae

Dr Pietro Cicuta, Dr Ottavio Croze, Dr Eileen Nugent, Professor Eugene Terentjev

Cell mechanics and motility: adhesion, swimming and ciliary flows.

Dr Kevin Chalut, Dr Pietro Cicuta, Dr Ottavio Croze, Professor Dame Athene Donald, Dr Ulrich Keyser, Professor Eugene Terentjev

Active membrane transport: synthetic and biological nanopores

Dr Ulrich Keyser, Dr Silvia Hernandez-Ainsa

Modelling: from molecules to individual cells and populations

Dr Pietro Cicuta, Dr Ottavio Croze, Professor Eugene Terentjev