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Biological and Soft Systems

Force on DNA

Soft and Biological Matter

The group has a distinguished history in both theory and experiment, from the foundations of polymer science continuing today into many developments of colloid and interface systems. We are interested in application and development towards novel composite or functional materials, and also in the application of soft condensed matter concepts to the understanding of biological materials and structures. 

Polymers, liquid crystals and composites

Professor Dame Athene Donald, Professor Eugene Terentjev

Self-assembly and protein aggregation

Dr Silvia Hernandez-Ainsa, Dr Lorenzo Di Michele, Professor Dame Athene DonaldDr Ulrich Keyser, Professor Eugene Terentjev

Membranes and fluid interfaces

Dr Pietro Cicuta, Dr Ulrich Keyser

Theory and simulations

Dr Lorenzo Di MicheleProfessor Eugene Terentjev