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Biological and Soft Systems

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Microscopy and Medical Imaging

Microscopy underpins a lot of the research carried out in BSS. We have access to three confocal microscopes in house, a handful of epifluorescence microscopes with state of the art cameras, Raman imaging, two AFM, various Cavendish Lab electron microscopes including Environmental-SEM. We also...

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Single Molecule Manipulation

Members of BSS continually pioneer nano and micro pore experiments for the study of membrane translocation and DNA structure. Facility managers: Dr Silvia Hernandez-Ainsa and Dr Ulrich Keyser

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Soft Material Characterisation

A host of classical and custom techniques are available for the study of soft and biological materials. For example: light and X-ray scattering, DMTA, rheometers (micro/macro), contact angle measurement, tensiometers and Langmuir troughs. The BSS polymer synthesis laboratory is vital in the...

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Cell Culture Facilities

BSS has in-house facilities for cell culture. These include labs dedicated to the culture of bacteria, animal and human cells (including cancer). The labs are fully equipped to deal with bacterial pathogens and malaria ( P. Falciparum ), and their preparation underpins a wide range of work, from...

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Labs

We have dedicated chemistry and biochemistry labs for the preparation of soft and biological samples, as well as cell culture media. These labs are essential to soft matter, biological and medical physics research. Current facility managers: Dr Lorenzo di Michele (biochemistry)

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Microfluidics & Optical Trapping

Microfluidics, and particularly its application to manipulation and imaging of cells, is a key area of interest and expertise in BSS. Various group members deploy optical traps as a method of micromanipulation and force measurement. Facility managers: Dr Pietro Cicuta , Dr Kevin Chalut , Dr Ulrich...

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Physics of Medicine (POM) Access

Physics of Medicine (POM) Access Anyone requiring access to the PoM will need to: Attend the Department's Safety Meeting- Please look here for the next meeting and location. Each applicant must also attend the POM Induction held on the first day of every week at 10 am at the POM main entrance...