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Biological and Soft Systems



Key publications: 

S Ghosh, N Karedla, I Gregor, 'Single-molecule nanofluidics in a uniform dielectric confinement with resolved molecular shot noise' arXiv:1702.03992.

S Ghosh, et al. "Graphene quantum dots with visible light absorption of the carbon core: insights from single-particle spectroscopy and first principles based theory." 2D Materials 3.4 (2016): 041008.

M Ghosh, S Ghosh, et al. (2016). Atomic defects influenced mechanics of II–VI nanocrystals. Nano letters16(10), 5969-5974.

S Ghosh, et al. "Photoluminescence of carbon nanodots: dipole emission centers and electron–phonon coupling." Nano letters 14.10 (2014): 5656-5661.

S Ghosh, et al. "Detection of quantum well induced single degenerate-transition-dipoles in ZnO nanorods." Nanoscale 8.5 (2016): 2632-2638.

S Ghosh and G. K. Ananthasuresh. "Single-photon-multi-layer-interference lithography for high-aspect-ratio and three-dimensional SU-8 micro-/nanostructures." Scientific reports 6 (2015): 18428.


German Research Foundation/DFG Fellow
St John's College Research Associate
Dr Siddharth  Ghosh
Not available for consultancy


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