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Dr Viola Introini

Dr Viola Introini

January 2020 - present

Wellcome Trust Junior Interdisciplinary Fellow

Supervisors: Julian C. Rayner and Pietro Cicuta

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January 2016-December 2019

PhD student

Supervisor: Pietro Cicuta


  • Biological fluid mechanics
  • Malaria
  • Automation of optical microfluidic experiments
  • Optical Tweezers

Key Publications

  1. H. Davies, H. Belda, M. Broncel, X. Ye, C. Bisson, V. Introini, D. Dorin-Semblat, J.-P. Semblat, M. Tiburcio, B. Gamain, M. Kaforou, M. Treeck. An exported kinase family mediates species-specific erythrocyte remodelling and virulence in human malaria. Nature Microbiology, 2020. 
  2. V. Introini, M.J. Steel, J.E. Sipe, L.G. Helt, M. Liscidini. Spontaneous parametric down conversion in a doubly resonant one-dimensional photonics crystal, Optics Letters 45(5), 1244-1247, 2020.
  3. S.N. Kariuki*, A. Marin-Menendez*, V. Introini*, B.J.Ravenhill, Y.-C. lin, A. Macharia, J. Makale, M. Tendwa, W. Nyamu, J. Kotar, M. Carrasquilla, J.A. Rowe, K. Rockett, D. Kwiatkowski, M.P. Weekes, P. Cicuta, T.N. Williams, J. C. Rayner. Red blood cell tension controls Plasmodium falciparum invasion and protects against severe malaria in the Dantu blood group, Preprint
  4. V. Introini*, A. Carciati*, G. Tomaiuolo, P. Cicuta, S. Guido. Endothelial glycocalyx regulates cytoadherence in Plasmodium falciparum malaria, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15: 20180773, 2018.
  5. V. Introini, A. J. Crick, T. Tiert, J. Kotar, Y.-C. Lin, P. Cicuta, V. L. Lew. Evidence against a role of elevated intracellular Ca2+ during Plasmodium falciparum preinvasion, Biophysical Journal 114(7), 1695-1706, 2018.